Model 99

With its reputation for efficient service and quick turnarounds, Model 99 will be your solution for all your model needs.

Model 99 offers high quality architectural models to clients all over Africa. Our goal is to build exceptional models that are build to your design specifications down to the last detail - all at extremely competitive price. With our experience in the architectural scale model field, you can be assured that your model will be accurate, attractive and appealing. Utilizing state-of-art tools and techniques, often employing laser cutting technology, Model 99 consistently delivers a superior products to architects, designers and planners of real estate developments, civil and commercial projects.


Nothing brings a design project to life as vividly as scale model display. Unlike an artists rendering hung on a wall or a 3D computer animation projected on a monitor a well crafted scale model manifestes dreams and therefore generates enthusiasm and support far more effectively no matter how well those other methods are carried out.

Close up scale model

Scale models have been proven to help sell faster, persuade quicker and inform more accurately. A scale model will engage an extremely important sense, touch which a computer generated model completely ignore. Thus, a scale model will greatly improve your marketing package and is the best solution to providing a clear accurate visualization of the finished product.

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